User segmentation

Segmentation allows us to divide our potential customers into various groups of recipients, taking into account demographic, psychographic, behavioral and geographic criteria, and then prepare personalized offers and promotional paths for them. Such activities allow to achieve better conversion rates, engage recipients, and thus - increase profits. With a limited budget, we can target our activities to users who have a better chance of making a transaction. By examining user behavior and assigning them to appropriate groups, we can also adjust the content of our website to increase the likelihood of conversion. We help to collect and prepare data, and then prepare a model of customer segmentation and on this basis prepare marketing activities for current and future customers. The benefits of customer segmentation are as follows:

  • better, personalized messages
  • matching activities based on profitability
  • easier access the most profitable group of customers
  • research and quick response to market change
  • more effective customer management

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