We will conduct audits of your marketing activities and recommend changes that will improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. We will verify data collection accuracy and propose the necessary corrections.


At Digitalsharks, we plan and implement E-commerce campaigns, combining expert analytical knowledge with practical experience in media buying. By integrating data from Google Ads campaigns, social media campaigns, affiliations, mailings and display advertising, we are able to maximize your return on investment. A holistic approach to marketing activities allows for a better understanding of what works in the media mix, gives the opportunity to quickly shift budgets from a low effect campaign to one with a high ROAS. We gain knowledge which recipients bring us the best results. Finally, we have the option of estimating revenues while relocating the budget from one channel to another.

E-commerce implementations

We offer dedicated implementations for e-commerce:

  • preparation of product feeds that will allow you to sell effectively on Google, Facebook, Ceneo,
  • preparation of tools for product feed management so that you can freely adapt it to your business goals,
  • advanced analytical implementations, enhanced commerce, datayaler implementations,
  • developing a dedicated CSS price comparison engine,
  • control of warehouse management and purchasing planning processes.


We help in data processing automation, reporting, campaign generation and management, order processing and more. We optimize processes and prepare solutions to reduce the amount of manual work. Our development team has a wide range of skills to reduce the most demanding tasks and eliminate those that are entirely transferable to machines. Our solution has been awarded many times. We also presented them at such events as the Google CEE Agency Summit 2021.

Digital marketing

Your clients are unique, so the channels you use to communicate with them must be as well. We will plan and select media to meet your business goals. We select channels to effectively reach your customers with the right message at every stage of the purchasing path.


Well designed creation is a very important element of an advertising campaign at every stage of your customers' shopping path. It is often the first point of contact for new users with your brand or product, so it is important that it is memorable and reaches the right audience. Another important element is personalization - after all, your goal is high ROAS. We offer a complete creative strategy design. We prepare dedicated static and fully dynamic creations displaying personalized information for the users visiting your website.


Company status data control is necessary for its functioning and planning future activities. Easy control of the implementation of our plans and assumptions, checking the current status of processes in our company or analysis of the company's condition help to make the right decisions. That is why we have a number of solutions to control our activities. We prepare dashboards that allow you to quickly check the status of our goals. We design automated recurring reports delivered on time and with the appropriate scope of data for individual employees or departments. We also help to prepare ad hoc reports when you urgently need to answer a question that cannot be answered directly by analyzing the data yourself.

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