Digital Marketing

Display & Programmatic

Advertise faster, smarter and more efficiently.Display & Video 360 is a DSP platform for media planning, design and creation management.

Display & Video 360 provides:

  • comprehensive campaign management: Display, Youtube, Video, Audio, Mobile from one platform
  • advanced reporting for campaign effectiveness holistic analysis
  • real-time bidding with advanced Machine Learning algorithms
  • creations based on data allowing personalized messaging and storytelling
  • access to the most valuable advertising space - premium inventory
  • integrated campaign measurement and optimization - you know how many users you reached with Display & Video campaigns and how often
  • recipient management, including integration with the Data Management Platform.

How we work with our clients?


Media Strategy

Your Clients are unique, so the channels you communicate with them must also be. We will plan and select media channels required to meet your business goals. We will carry out branding and performance campaigns.We select channels to effectively reach your customers with the right message at every stage of the path leading to the purchase.


Survey & Analysis

Holistic approach to activities is essential in programmatic campaigns. We provide full analytics to obtain as much data as possible and increase your campaign effectiveness. We integrate DV360 with Google Analytics 360, Youtube. We use Google Cloud to combine DV360 data with other data sources to further increase the efficiency of your campaigns and raise ROI.


Personalization of the message

We design dynamic creations that allow for personalized messaging. You don't need to create dozens of banner lines. As part of dynamic creations background, images, text and call to action are data driven and generated automatically. All creative elements are tailor made for the target group and environment in which the ad is displayed.


Customized solutions

Programmatic campaigns are often just one of the channels of the entire media strategy. The last click approach may not give the full picture of their effectiveness. As a rule, they play the role of supporting the rest of the channels or opening the path of contact with a brand or product.

A holistic approach will allow you to fully understand the behavior of our customers, their contact with your brand and how your programmatic activities affect the rest of the channels.

We offer non-standard, dedicated solutions allowing for deep dive analysis and better optimization of the campaign.



We offer tailor made dashboards that will allow you to report data from Google Ads campaigns, other advertising systems and CRM data in real time.

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