Digital Marketing

Google Ads

Google Ads (called Google Adwords before) is an online advertising solution to promote your products or services:

  • in the Google search engine
  • on Youtube
  • in apps and websites

Google Ads, thanks to a variety of ad formats and available functions, allows you to adjust the campaign to various business goals, such as:

  • increasing the number of visits to your store
  • getting phone calls
  • attracting visitors to your website
  • promoting the application

How do we work with our Clients?



If you already perform activities in Google Ads, we will start with an audit to take full advantage of historical data and improve the campaign performance.


Google Ads account structure

Accurate activities segmentation allows you to leverage the full potential of the tool and quickly respond to changes in the search engine and the advertising network. It will deliver greater results at lower costs.


Holistic strategy tailored to your business

We will implement campaigns in search engines, Google shopping, Youtube and the advertising network. To fully estimate ads with the greatest impact on achieving your business goal, we will import a data driven attribution model.


Data integration

All the activities you conduct to promote your brand are important. Therefore, we will integrate offline and online data, which will allow us to understand what activities are most effective, and thus allow you to manage your advertising budget more effectively.


Scripts and proprietary solutions

Based on your needs, we will import a tailored script into your account that will optimize the campaign effectiveness and ensure greater control of the activities carried out.



We offer tailor made dashboards that will allow you to report data from Google Ads campaigns, other advertising systems and CRM data in real time.

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