A/B tests

Do you want to completely rebuild your homepage? Or maybe just prepare a personalized message at the time of purchase? Instead of relying on your intuition, which elements on the page will be the most effective and bring the best conversion results, trust your data!

We will help you identify elements on your website that are of interest to users and how to increase their interactions.

Possible experiments:

  • Website content In the A / B test, we will use at least two variants of the same website (A and B). Option A is the original. Variant B includes at least one element modified from the original, for example a call to action button in a different color. In some experiments, B variant may be a completely different version of the website.
  • Forwarding test You don't know which subpage you should target your ad to? In forwarding testing, variants are identified by URL or path instead of element (s) on the page. Forwarding testing is useful when you want to test two very different landing pages or completely redesign a page.
  • Multivariate testing The Multivariate Test (MVT) tests variants of two or more items simultaneously to see which combination produces the best result. Rather than showing which page variant is the most effective (as in an A / B test), MVT identifies the most effective variant of each element and also analyzes the interactions between those elements.

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