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Display Dynamic creative (personalized, automated display ads at scale)

Programmatic advertising is more complex than social media or search engine advertising. It is very easy to invest a hefty budget and get few benefits in return.One of the most demanding elements of display campaigns is creation.Programmatic is a purchase of the user, not of advertising space. Therefore, for a programmatic ad to work, you need to personalize your creations and implement multiple versions of the ad to maximize CTR and ultimately ROAS.Manual design of a dozen or so lines of banners is not only time-consuming, but also expensive.The solution we recommend is Dynamic Creations.Within the template: background, images, text, call to action are based on dynamically generated data. All creative elements are adapted to the needs of the target group and the environment in which they are displayed.Do you want to advertise a specific product, the discount is only for a specific city, or maybe you know that this user was on your website, added the product to the cart, but did not decide to buy?With dynamic creations, you can quickly personalize your message on a large scale.

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