Digital Maturity for Business Growth

Digital Maturity for Business Growth

Do you advertise in many channels, conduct offline activities? Check at what stage of digital maturity is your company!Together with the Boston Consulting Group, Google classified 4 stages of marketing maturity of companies: from nascent to multi moment.

Digitally mature companies achieve much better results at lower costs. They can understand their recipients better by providing them with the right, personalized message at the right place and time.The integration of data and digital technologies can increase the importance of your brand's advertising, services and offerings to customers on a large scale. Advanced technologies that use the latest achievements in automation, AI and machine learning provide powerful opportunities for marketers who know how to take advantage of them.

According to a recent Google study from BCG, many companies have already improved their maturity, but only 9% are in the multi-moment stage.

If you also want to use the full potential of your data in your marketing activities, contact us!We will help with online and offline data integration, propose the best strategy and the most effective technologies so that you can join the group of the most digitally mature companies!

Four levels of digital marketing maturity



Marketing campaigns use mainly external data and direct buys, with limited links to sales.



Some use of owned data in automated buying with single-channel optimisation and testing.



Data integrated and activated across channels with demonstrated link to ROI or sales proxies.



Dynamic execution across multiple channels, optimised toward individual customer business outcomes and transactions.

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