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Reputation is the top priority

  • Negative links in search results are clicked 7 times more often than the official site of a company searched. Negativity in the network puts people you have never seen against your brand.

  • Just one negative review on flampe may reduce restaurants receipts fqr 30%. Negativity can become cause of failure in important contracts.

  • Wanting to evaluate you customers and partners first of all open a browser window. You also have done it.

  • Only unprofessionaly composed characteristic is worse than negative reviews. Noticed insincerity customer really will spend a whole evening learning your reputation.

How we increase sales?

Removing Information

We remove negative reviews and slander from SERPs, we find and neutralize their sources.

The priсe is 650$ per month or you pay for the ultimate outcome.

Reputation Management

By tomorrow 50 positive reviews appear, by the end of the week you are discussed in blogs, social networks and media.

The least contract period is 3 month.

Guerrilla Marketing

Millions of people will know about your company not realizing that this is how advertising works. Bomb effect. Actual sales.

Every project has
its own specific conditions.

Guaranteed results

We are able to remove negative reviews from both SERPs and the sources. 100% lawful.

Strategy and action

All customer requirements are stated in the specification. Forming of a strategy and a roadmap.

Contractual basis

Our reputation is a satisfied customer. The aim and tasks are fixed in the contract to settle any probable conflict.

Expert team

Lawyers, psychologists, programmers, SEO and SMM experts, copywriters, journalists, designers are ready to start immediately.


All experts sign a nondisclosure agreement. All project documentation is encrypted and at the end is wiped out.

Customer Reviews Originals reviews


178 customers in 3 year. We cannot name these persons but can show some extracts.


5% of the advertising budget for covert promotion gave more than 50% of total sales. Thank you for effective cooperation.


Because of some mentions regarding our boss our international business partners were about to crumb the deal. Thank the agency for their help! Keep working.


We have renewed the company, rebuild al the communications but the negative was still there. 4 months later, it disappeared at all. Thank you. You gave us an opportunity to start with a clean slate.

Clean search engines

We remove adverse information from search engines and original sources equally effectively. It’s 100% lawful. Legal guarantee.

Growing sales

Positive reputation stimulates significant sales growth. This is the achievable and measurable result of our work.

Positive feedback

We know where, when and how to publish positive reviews about your company. High return is guaranteed.

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